What is certain is that natural cannabinoids found in hemp are specifically exempt from the Controlled Substances Act. Since natural cannabinoids are found in all hemp products, and hemp products are found on grocery store shelves nationwide, hemp oils would appear to be the easiest, legal manner in which to obtain CBD.

Products made from hemp are found in retail stores nationwide, thanks to a federal exemption to the definition of “marijuana”. Since 1937, the federal statute controlling “marijuana” has excluded the mature stalks, fiber, oil, and any other preparation of the mature stalks of Cannabis sativa L., commonly known as “hemp”, from the definition of “marijuana.”

When the Hemp Industries Association defended hemp’s exempt status in 2004, the DEA declined to challenge this ruling, which is why there continues to be a wide variety of hemp products on the market today. Walk into many retail and grocery stores and you will find hemp protein powder, hemp seeds, hemp clothing, and hemp oil.